About Us

Our Burbank bail bonds office is a division of a professional bail bonds corporation that specializes in providing bail bonds services in Southern California since 2001. Our local bail bond agency here in Burbank, CA is always ready to provide our services even throughout Riverside, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino county, Ventura and of course Los Angeles County. All our agents are honest and dedicated to ensure that the person behind bars is released ASAP. If any of your loved ones were just arrested in and around Burbank because of a crime, you can contact us to get them out of jail with a bail bond. Our professional agents will help you throughout every step of the bail process systematically, while taking care of all legal matters.

Our Services

In accordance to service provisions, we do not demand you to pay first. The first thing is offering the service and getting the relevant people out of jail, then payments are made later on agreed terms. That’s how we do business as well as earn your trust in the process. In some cases, you do not need to pay a down payment too. We are specialists in large bails and all bond amounts, approving clients’ offers quickly over the phone so that your loved ones do not need to stay a minute longer in jail. Co-signers and collaterals is also not always needed and as a matter of fact, over 95 percent of our cases do not involve any sort of collateral. We offer our services for any types of crimes including driving under the influence (DUIs), drug offenses, domestic violence and many other felony and misdemeanor charges. Our service is not only for local jails, but also for out of state jails and courts.

Types of bail bonds

There are three choices to release your loved ones who is in jail and only one is offered by us. The 3 options are the surety bond (bail bond), a cash bond (which is also referred to as cash bail) and release on own recognizance bond (which is really an O.R., like a citation release). In case of a surety bond, which is also known as a bail bond, you may need to use some type of collateral if the defendant poses a risk to our liability. Collateral is personal or real property pledged to the bail agency and this property is used to secure the bail amount in case the defendant does not present himself or herself to the court proceedings on the day of hearing. As collateral, cars, jewelry, cash, credit cards, and real estate are used.

What makes us the best

Our professional bail agents put their best step forward to ensure the clients are served in the shortest time. We have several local offices in Socal and all of them are situated in different places near jails, one in Burbank to make our services accessible to all residents of Burbank. In the past few years, we have been providing our services to suit different situations for different clients. In addition, we have Spanish-speaking experts as well to serve the Spanish community. These are some of the highlights that make us one of the top rated bail bond companies in Burbank.
You can call us anytime to get an overview of our services or for free bail bonds consultation. Just dial 818 237-2188 and speak to one of our professionals. Leave the rest of the bail process to us. Our local agents are available any day, any time such as day and night and for any jail and any bail.

We accept different payment forms such as all major credit cards, cash, checks, not to mention we have flexible payment plans to make bail convenient to all.